Get Fit Stay Fit – Author  David Gebe

I’m often asked ‘”What’s the best way to get into shape?”, a simple question with no simple answer. If there was a simple answer we wouldn’t have a 44% obesity rate and related health care cost rising into the billions of dollars.

The answer I believe is being educated about your body, and making educated decisions about your health and lifestyle. Not everyone is made the same, we are all different and if you understand the how’s and whys you can make the adjustments to your lifestyle that will work best for you.

No more quick fixes or ‘I just have to lose 10 more pounds to fit into my swimsuit’. You’ll be in shape all year around. How great would that be? It is possible!

Get Fit, Stay Fit is not a program or quick fix. Think of it as your guide to a lifestyle change that will help you to accomplish your fitness goals, what ever they are. You may want to be King or Queen of the WWF like Chyna or Triple H, an Olympic gold medal winner like Inge de Bruijn or Pieter van den Hoogenband, or you may just want to live a more active lifestyle and have more energy. Whatever your goals are, you will be able to shape your own fitness program to suit your goals, time, energy level and lifestyle.

Now you’ve probably been burned by lots of other fitness gadgets and false promises that have guaranteed you unrealistic results and once you’ve received them they weren’t what you thought and now take up space under your bed, in your closet or tucked away in a drawer. The guarantees they offer you rely on the fact that you are lazy or put unreal qualifications on what you have to do. They also count on the fact that you won’t be bothered to return their product because  you are either too embarrassed to admit that it didn’t work for you or you were just too lazy to walk to the mailbox to return it.

Well I would like to give you a guarantee that my book will work for you and help you realize your goals, but I can’t because the success of the book depends on you and your desire and motivation to succeed. I’m confident that the information you will receive can and will help you, like it has many others before you. But the motivation and the amount of success you achieve is up to you and nobody can guarantee that.

Once you’ve discovered the knowledge that you can do it yourself, just think of all the money and time you’ll save searching for magic solutions and secret formulas. You’ll soon be on your way to getting fit and staying fit!

While I was working with some of this country’s best doctors and top exercise physiologists, I learned a lot about the human body first hand. How and why it works, especially under extreme situations, pushing my body to the limit and beyond. It was then that I knew there was a better way for people to get fit and stay healthy.

I created Get Fit, Stay Fit to help you understand this better way and to get and stay in shape. You’ll learn a lot about yourself in the process, I know I did. Get Fit, Stay Fit is your fitness solution for life.