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Being inactive contributes to at least 17 chronic diseases and is responsible for 250,000 deaths a year. Only cigarette smoking kills more people (400,000) More people die from lack of exercise than from alcohol, firearms, illicit drugs and motor vehicle accidents combined. Lack of activity is a “modern plague.”
Rennie Roberts…San Diego, Ca

A daily diet that is made up of less than 10 percent fat makes it difficult for your body to process the necessary, fat-soluble vitamins A, E, D and K. The effects of deficiencies can range from difficulty seeing at night to impaired blood clotting. And a diet too low in fat may also lack certain essential fatty acids that help protect against heart disease. If you do have a low fat intake and take a multivitamin with A, E, D and K you can maximize the vitamin’s benefits by taking it with your fattiest meal of the day.
Heather Jobs…Hartford, Ct

If you’ve been sick during the past two weeks, consider delaying your next long run or hard workout at the gym. A recent study suggests that a recent illness, current use of medications, and regular use of alcohol play a big part in whether you’ll get injured during a hard workout. Men were found to be at a higher risk for hamstring and calf problems while women were at a higher risk for hip injuries.
Rick Richardson…Toronto, Ont.

In the world of foods and exercise physiology they use what is referred to as Kilocalorie (kcal) which is a thousand small calories. Also 1 watt (W) = 0.0143 kcal per minute.
Mari Warner…Phoenix, Az