Here’s what celebrities and professional trainers have to say about the book Get Fit Stay Fit.

  • Ron Deangelo

    Strength & Conditioning coach for the NBA Toronto Raptors.
    GET FIT, STAY FIT provides a wealth of knowledge for those who are starting out and gives them a strong foundation for which to grow. David it’s a good book and I wish you the best of luck.

  • John Welday

    Strength & Conditioning coach for the NHL Pittsburgh Penguins.
    Your book GET FIT, STAY FIt is really a great book. It’s very informative and a tremendous reference book. Every reference library should have one.

  • Fernando Montes

    Strength & Conditioning coach for the MLB Cleveland Indians.
    GET FIT, STAY FIT is a well written, well laid out, phenomenal resource and will benefit anyone who reads it. It will help you establish a good foundation for your fitness training regiment that will be beneficial to you in your current goals as well as your goals for life.

  • Harvey Diamond

    Author of FIT FOR LIFE
    Recently I had the opportunity to check out a new fitness book on the market called GET FIT, STAY FIT. I feel it is one of the better fact filled books to come around in some time. If you need to know what to do and why, then I highly recommend you read this book. It’s simple and easy to understand approach will definitely help you on your way to achieving your fitness goals.

  • Phil Walker

    Strength & Conditioning coach for the NHL Toronto Maple Leafs.
    It’s important that my players get the facts and that’s why GET FIT, STAY FIT is a must read for coaches, professional athletes and anyone interested in fitness.

  • Richard Simmons

    Fitness guru
    Thank you for GET FIT, STAY FIT. You are a fantastic personal trainer and I hope this book does very well for you.

  • Frank Dux

    Grandmaster Martial Artist and Kumite Champion.
    David, your book makes getting into shape a whole lot simpler, with easy to understand information and insightful tips. If you’re just starting out or a lifetime fitness enthusiast, GET FIT, STAY FIT has got something for everyone.

  • Kathy Smith

    Media fitness personality
    A common sense outlook of all aspects of exercise.

  • Micki Moore

    Lifestyle commentator
    Confused and tired of treading through the diet and exercise info maze? Then pick up a copy of GET FIT, STAY FIT. There’s no pain and a lot to gain from this all in one, comprehensive self training manual. Diet, Fitness and weight training, muscle, metabolism, and fat facts. It”s all there to use in a program for lifestyle change. David makes it possible to ‘just do it’ without fancy gyms and contrived diets.

  • Russ Kisby

    President of ParticipACTION
    A comprehensive yet highly practical resource. Ideal for anyone serious about getting and staying fit, while wanting to understand what to do and why.

  • Robert Kennedy

    Publisher and executive editor of Musclemag
    Once you’ve made the decision to begin a healthier lifestyle and to change your self image, by either losing, gaining or maintaining your present weight, the second step is for you to read GET FIT, STAY FIT. It gives you all the fitness information you need to know about what to do, how to do it and why you are doing it. I know a lot of professional bodybuilders who could benefit and will benefit from the information in this book, and save themselves the time and money of years of trial and error. So before you start any fitness program, read GET FIT, STAY FIT and get the facts on fitness. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Dr. Peter T. Rississ

    D.C. F.I.A. C.A. C.C.R.D.
    With so many ‘How to’ books presently on the market, it’s refreshing to find one which addresses the needs of most people today, without becoming too overly technical. A good biomechanically and nutritionally sound text. All the basics are there.

  • Abdul Sager

    Mr. North America
    As a personal fitness trainer and champion bodybuilder GET FIT, STAY FIT is one on the best and only training manuals you will ever need.

  • Tania Lamanna

    Ms. Hawaiian Tropic Canada (97)
    If your goal is to get into great shape then you must check out GET FIT, STAY FIT. David’s approach is simple and effective. It’s made me a winner and could do the same for you.

  • Dino Granberg

    Police Officer
    Dave, it all started when I was a young man wanting to get into shape. However, I have been running and lifting weights for some time with little or no success in my overall development. But once I saw your web site and ordered your book, and daily planner, I almost started to notice the success immediately. From starting out with a somewhat physique, to achieving a professional looking athletic build with a significant increase in muscle mass, and a drop in the overall body fat.

    Dave I owe  everything to your book and planner as my life has turned around to me becoming a confident successful individual where I can push myself in any endeavor I so choose. And that is what life is all about, choices, and I have chosen your program after trying all the others, and yours was the right choice.  Dave, thank you very much. I recommend this program to anyone who thinks that this is just another fad. Try it and you will not be disappointed!

  • Jeffrey Houser

    Dave! I’m writing to you about your book Get Fit, Stay Fit!. I have been visiting your web site for a number of months and had noticed your book on your site. It looked like a really great book, but I didn’t actually purchase it until October 2003.

    I have always led a physically active life, but over the past couple of years, become more concerned about my fitness level. I had gone to a gym for over a year until my work schedule changed and I wasn’t able to go as often and eventually, just stopped going.

    When I decided to buy your book last fall, I wasn’t exactly out of shape, but definitely had room for improvement! My work schedule was still such that it was hard for me to get to a gym, but I wanted to start working out again. I ended up buying a decent treadmill, a weight bench and a set of free weights to start my own fitness program.

    Having done some training at a gym, I was familiar with a number of exercises with the weights I could perform and could also jog on the treadmill. Even still, I needed some kind of reference manual I could use that would show me some other exercises that I could use to enhance my program. After checking out your book again I ordered it and was impressed with the amount of information that was in it! I put some things I read into action right away!

    One of the most helpful things I have read in your book is the nutritional information. When I was at the gym a year before, it’s true I was going 5 days a week and doing everything my trainer had instructed me on. But, I was still not eating very healthy outside of the gym and as I look back on it now, I was probably maintaining my weight at best, versus actually improving my fitness level.

    After studying the many facts you have in your book, I started to see the good, the bad and the ugly about food! So, after checking out some more on nutrition, I changed my eating habits. I think that’s how you refer to it in your book, too! I didn’t go on a diet, I changed what I ate and how much of it. I stopped going to fast food joints, cut way back on soda (I might have one every two weeks now) and also cut back on other foods that were not helping me achieve my goals of a slimmer, toned figure and better health.

    Well, it’s been a little over 3 months since I started becoming serious about being more physically fit and I’d
    like to say that I’ve lost about 2″ off my waist and lost about 15 pounds or so! My figure is noticeably different than it was back in October and I know my fitness has improved. I bought a heart rate monitor when I got my other equipment and my heart rate is 10 beats per minute LESS doing the same kinds of exercises 3 months ago, in some cases!

    So, this is my personal “Thank You, David!” for putting together such a great book that’s helped guide me to and through my personal fitness goals. I will share your book with family and friends alike to show them that they can Get Fit, Stay Fit!