Improve Your Eyes with Blueberries


    • Lutein: Found in marigold flowers, spinach and other green leafy vegetables. According to clinical studies you should take at least 6 mg of Lutein per day. This is done most easily by taking a supplement.Blueberries: Known from Second World War when the fighter pilots were eating blueberries before their raids to better their night sight. Blueberries are rich in flavonoids, which are good for your small blood vessels and will decrease the build up of toxins. Phyto-ingredients from blueberries are also said to have a beneficial influence on the enzymatic processes in your eye.
    • Grape seeds: Strong flavonoids that just like blueberries will decrease the build up of toxins from your cells. They are also a strong anti-oxidant, which will counteract the damaging effects of free radicals – especially in watery environments like your eye.
    • Eyebright: According to old folk medicine the plant eyebright was good for the mucous membranes of your eye. Many elderly people have problems with dry eyes and eyebright can help to get a better balance in the mucous membranes and avoid irritation of your eyes.
    • SUGGESTED USETake 2 tablets per day with a glass of water, in connection with a meal. This will give you the recommended amounts of Lutein and Flavanoids, for healthier eyes.


Blueberry Fruit Extract                  400 mg                  5:1 equal to 2000 mg dry berries

Eyebright Parts Extract                 200 mg                  5:1 equal to 1000 mg dry herb

Grape Seed Extract                         4 mg                  25:1 equal to 1000 mg dry seeds

Marigold Parts Extract                   120 mg                  5:1 equal to 600 mg dry herbs

(6 mg lutein)

1 package of Blue Berry  contains 60 tablets – equal to 1 months supply.

Free from salt, sugar, lactose, yeast, gluten and soy. No artificial coloring or sweeteners. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

60 Tablets only $36