Dear Sir;

I can’t tell you how much I love this product.  Within 4 days of use my toenails already look 100 % better.  This is in my opinion the greatest thing for me.  Last year I couldn’t even wear sandals because I was so embarrassed. I tried different methods but nothing worked.  I didn’t want to take pills so I thought I would have to live with ugly nails.  Thanks to this product I can wear sandals and have pedicures without feeling self-conscious.  Everyone should use this product.  Thank you so very much.

Pat MacKay

Dear Sirs;

I suffered with ‘ugly toenails’ for 8 years as a result of wearing a pair of ill-fitting golf shoes.

Upon seeking medical advice, I was advised to take an oral medication for a period of one year (approximate cost 750 dollars) I couldn’t accept that a medication taken internally could correct an outer surface fungus infection.

I discovered your product, ordered it and followed the instructions and was amazed at the improvement in two weeks.  Have used it about once per week for the past month with great results.  The infection is gone and new healthy growth of nails is happening.

What a miracle.  Many thanks.

Orlando, Florida

Dear Sir or madam;

I ordered your toenail tonic about 2 months ago.  I’m letting you know that it is working.  The infection is in the large toenail so will take some months to completely grow out but a new uninfected nail is growing from the base, it is about a third grown out now.  I had this infection for 11 years and tried so many things.  When I first new it was a fungal infection I thought of spraying it with Lysol which is antifungal and it was working very well.  When it was almost to the point where it was almost grown out I stopped the treatment thinking the fungus was dead then it soon began to spread down again and when I resumed the treatment it was more resistant and did not work. Since then I have tried many things such as javex, teatree oil, pine sol, vinegar, and apple cider vinegar with no success.  I am very happy to be finally getting rid of this problem and would like to add that I also used it for one week on the other four nails, although the nails were not infected the skin around the nail was also growing fungus and would not clear no matter what product I applied.  Now this problem has also been eliminated with your product.

Thank you;

Carolyn Lebano