The Natural Way to Stop Smoking In as little as 3 Weeks

Scientific testing Proves Resolve Can help you Stop Smoking Naturally with Little to NO Stressnicotine free

Results in Just 7 Days!
Only RESOLVE™ is NICOTINE FREE, and lets you keep smoking as you gradually reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke. The secret lies in RESOLVE’S™ patented ingredient, Cestemenol-350™.

Blocks Nicotine Metabolism

Clinical research on Cestemenol-350™ is incredible!
Instead of adding more of the chemical nicotine to your body, like patches or gums do, Cestemenol-350™ actually blocks your body’s ability to properly metabolize nicotine.
Under normal circumstances, when nicotine enters

your brain via your bloodstream, it has powerful
stimulating effects. It stimulates areas of your brain (Click here and turn up the sound)
related to feelings of pleasure and joy.

The effect of CESTEMENOL-350™ has been described by a number of volunteer subjects
as smoking an empty cigarette.

Eliminates Nicotine’s Addictive Effects

Some people call this stimulation the “smokers high”, or that rush you might feel after a cigarette. Cestemenol-350™ effectively blocks your brains ability to process the nicotine. As you probably guessed, without nicotine, the chemically addictive effects of cigarettes are almost powerless.

Reactivates Taste Receptors

Another powerful benefit of using RESOLVE™ is its ability to reactivate taste receptors in your mouth. Cigarettes are engineered to reduce your ability to smell and taste properly. RESOLVE™ helps bring these senses back, further enhancing your ability to reduce smoking naturally and stress free.

Gradually Reduces Smoking Pleasure and Desire

With little to no stress and anxiety, you’ll start to notice you really don’t enjoy your cigarettes as much. They won’t taste as good, and you won’t experience that pleasurable buzz/relief after you smoke. Not long after starting Resolve™, you’ll start to smoke less and less. Eventually you’ll get to the point where any desire to smoke is completely eliminated!

Smoke Free In As Little As 3 Weeks!

In as little as 3 weeks, you could reach a point where your desire to smoke is completely eliminated. Throughout the entire process, you won’t feel deprived or stressed out. You’ll gradually shift from craving cigarettes, to not thinking about smoking the entire day.

Results in Just 7 Days!

Preliminary clinical studies conducted by the inventor and used to obtain patent approval, showed that after just seven days, smokers taking the compound CESTEMENOL-350™ had a statistically significant reduction in smoking, compared to smokers who were using a placebo.

RESOLVE™ Won’t Cause Weight Gain

Normally, when people remove smoking from their routine, weight gain is almost guaranteed. This is a major reason many people keep smoking – the thought of weight gain is worse than the health consequences of smoking. With RESOLVE™, study participants were able to maintain their current weight! They stopped smoking, felt great, and didn’t experience the typical desire to overeat.

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