Skincare Applicator

The Newest skincare essential

Can’t quite reach your Back or You just don’t like the feel of lotions, oils, gels and creams on your hands Try our Sun Mate SKINCARE applicator

Sun Mate has a unique patented design that easily applies all types of skin care products to hard to reach areas and keeps your hands clean!
Sun Mates durable hypolene pad actually applies skin care products more evenly than your hand, making it essential for all kinds of lotions and medical deep heat rubs for sore muscles.
Sun Mate washes clean with soapy warm water for repeated use.
Sun Mate folds in half making it practical to throw in your beach or salon bag to help keep clean between uses!
Sun Mates are a must have for Beachgoers, Tanning, Medical and Acne control!

A life saver for people with limited range of motion and a fun way to get kids to apply Sun Care


So simple
Only 16$