Astrological Weight loss

astrologyI hope you’ll want to learn more and let me help you to get into the best shape of your life.

Knowledge is power, and the more you know about your sign and yourself, the more you will have the tools of advantage for your sustained success. How many times have you started new healthy living habits only to stop and feel like giving up? The trick is to teach your mind to concentrate on new habits first, and your body will follow with gratitude and a greater sense of wellbeing. Approaching new weight loss techniques and healthy habits is a gift to yourself. You are giving more to yourself, not less, so don’t feel deprived in doing what’s best for yourself. Here are the 12 astrological signs and characteristics to think about when starting a weight loss or exercise program.
ARIES (21 March-20 April)

General: An Aries loves competitive sports and working up a good sweat. Burning calories should not be a problem for you. Include plenty of whole grains in your diet for sustained energy and lots of fresh fruits and veggies, and try to slow your rushed eating habits. Replenish your electrolytes with sports drinks, and always drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins.

Women: You tend to start a diet with great enthusiasm, but unless you lose weight fast you soon give up your diet and move on to something new even maybe another diet. Your have a need for excitement, which attracts you to fad diets and weight loss gimmicks. Your dislike of restrictions and your impulsive nature makes it difficult for you to stick to a diet and exercise plan long enough for you to lose weight.

Weight loss for you can be extremely successful if you apply your many positive qualities. The love of a challenge and your great desire to succeed will make sticking to your diet and exercise plan easy. Your interest in your health and appearance makes obesity unacceptable. Your strong willpower can lead to easy weight loss. But weight loss can be difficult for you when you allow your negative side to take over. You tend to start diets regularly but your lack of staying power means you rarely stick with your diet plan for long. Low calorie diets and promises of fast weight loss appeal to you but in the long term, prevents you from losing weight.

Your weight loss potential is excellent and you can achieve the impossible! If obesity has been a long-term problem, your strong desire to succeed and your enormous willpower makes sticking with your weight loss program easy.  Avoid the temptation to try every new diet you hear about.

Men:  The idea of going on a weight loss diet will not appeal to you. You dislike restrictions, which make sticking to any diet program difficult. You are an enthusiastic starter of new projects but quickly get bored. You have many positive qualities, which makes weight loss fast and easy. You are fiercely competitive and have clear goals. You take the initiative and start a weight loss diet and exercise program as soon as you see the first bit of fat appear!

Exercise is not a problem for you. Your weight loss program should include plenty of strenuous exercise. Competitive sport, risky physical activities such as mountaineering or motor racing, boxing, wrestling or martial arts also appeal to you.

You should choose a weight loss plan that includes plenty of spicy, strong-flavored foods. You need a diet that provides plenty of high-energy carbohydrates. You don’t have a sweet tooth, but your energetic nature means you burn calories fast so be sure to snack on plenty of fruit throughout the day.  Once you make up your mind to go on a diet, give yourself a clear goal. Decide how much weight you want to lose and when you want to lose it. To prevent boredom, make sure your diet includes a variety of healthy foods.
TAURUS (21 April-20 May)
General: You love to indulge in rich foods. Easy and regular exercise is best for you. Start with a stretch and a walk before eating a delicious breakfast of fresh fruits, yogurt, and low-fat granola. Stay low-fat, low sugar, and low starch with wheat germ in your smoothies, plenty of seafood, and fresh salads. Avoid rich sauces, luxury desserts and sweets.  Burning calories through bodybuilding and lifting weights will add definition.

Women:  A sensible diet plan suits you best. You are not attracted to fad diets. Typically you will not lose weight fast as you have a slow metabolism and dislike exercise but following a diet plan comes easy to you. You have enormous patience to stick with your weight loss program and lose fat even when your weight loss is slow. Your main strength is patience. You will stick with your diet and exercise program no matter how long it takes you to lose weight.

Sometimes because of your dislike for change you can make it difficult for yourself to change to a healthy diet and exercise program. If you are obese it is the result of a combination of things – a sweet tooth, a slow metabolism, a love of rich food and wine and a self-indulgent streak! And to make matters worse…YOU dislike exercise.

When you overcome your dislike of change weight loss can be successful. A weight loss diet that is too experimental is not for you. You do not expect to lose weight fast and your patience means you are happy with a steady but regular fat loss despite your slow metabolism.

Men: You have several problems when it comes to weight loss. You love rich, sweet food, you have a slow metabolism and you dislike strenuous exercise! Weight loss is also made difficult because of your determination to hold on to fixed ideas. A new diet plan is viewed with suspicion, as are all things new.

Your greatest asset is your refusal to let anything get the better of you! Weight loss is one area where your stubborn nature works in your favor. You are patient, well organized and methodical, all qualities necessary to ensure success.

Any form of exercise will help speed up a slow metabolism. A combined diet and exercise plan is important. YOU prefer gentle exercise like walking, golfing, bowling and horse back riding. You are not bored by exercise machines at the gym and you love gardening and can burn 500 calories an hour mowing the lawn!

A very low calorie or fad diet is not for you. You love food and you should choose a diet plan that does not leave yourself hungry. You have a tendency to overeat and hunger only leads to binge eating. Whole-wheat breads and cereals, apples, grapes, pears and berries are all good for you.

Don’t be afraid of change…embrace it! Choose a healthy diet plan that allows you plenty of food. Set yourself a realistic goal knowing that, with your great patience and perseverance, you will reach it.

GEMINI (21 May-21 June)
General: Weight gain is usually not a problem. Taking the time to eat the right foods is more of a challenge to you than overindulging. Try eating or juicing plenty of raw vegetables to keep your active nervous system balanced and your skin glowing. Cook up some wild rice for variety, and add plenty of calcium to your diet to keep your bones strong. Cut down on caffeine.

Women: You are the lucky ones when it comes to diet and weight loss. You have a fast metabolism, which means you burn calories quickly and, as result, lose weight fast. You love change, so starting a new diet plan will not bother you. However, you do want fast weight loss and quickly get bored with a diet that does not produce rapid results. Since quick weight loss (i.e. fat loss) is an illusion, this can cause you problems!

You have many positive qualities that help you to diet. The number one being you love change and a new diet will inspire you to lose weight. Your optimistic nature means that once you know how to lose weight you will embrace the idea and expect to succeed. You will not be fooled by fad diets and promises of instant weight loss. But your fickle nature can make sticking to a diet very difficult. The impractical side of you will find it hard to cope with a diet plan that is too complicated.

Your weight loss potential is excellent provided you can curb your impatience. Once you make a serious commitment to a weight loss diet and exercise program you quickly lose weight.

Men: The greatest weight loss problem facing you is your need for fast action and quick results. Unless you lose weight fast you quickly get bored and move on to something else. Sticking to a weight loss plan is not easy especially when you have lots of nervous energy and a fickle, non-committal attitude to life. Your dislike for regimentation will cause you to rebel against a diet plan that is too strict.

Your fast metabolism means you can burn calories faster than other signs. You enjoy new things and will embrace a new diet and exercise plan with enthusiasm. You can do two things at once! Following a weight loss diet and exercise plan at the same time, as pursuing a high-flying career is not a problem. For fast weight loss and good health, vigorous daily exercise is essential. You need an outlet for your nervous energy. Fast moving sports like running, squash, cycling, skiing are all good. Aerobic exercise is particularly important for your lungs.

You like instant food so keep plenty of healthy canned, packaged and frozen foods handy. To lose weight successfully, take time to choose a diet plan that suits your lifestyle which is generally to set yourself several short term weight loss goals – not long-term ones.

CANCER (22 June-22 July)

General: You love your sweets! And emotional mood shifts make you want to overindulge. Include lots of lean protein in fish and chicken as well as steamed veggies in your diet. Swimming, skating, and skiing are your favorite outlets for activity and losing weight. You do well with workout videos in the comfort of your own home. Remember to avoid too much salt, and choose plenty of variety within the cabbage family.

Women: You can spend years worrying about your obesity problem but rarely do you take immediate action to find a good diet and exercise program. You are great cooks and good planners, so a varied diet with interesting recipes ensures you lose weight so dieting is never boring.  Fad diets are not for you. For successful weight loss, patience is your greatest asset. Once you get started on a diet and exercise program you are tenacious and will hang in there until you lose fat and get fit.  But weight loss is difficult for you especially since you love to feed yourselves and others! Your diet plan may get in the way of your desire to feed your family and friends. You are set in your ways so a diet and exercise program that disrupts your routine will not work. Sticking to a diet can be difficult when you get moody and have a tendency to eat for comfort.

Weight loss potential is excellent if you allow new ideas into your life. Check out a number of diet plans, find a diet to suit your lifestyle and go for it!

Men:  Weight loss can be difficult for you because you love food and may even work in the food industry. You are extremely sensitive and can suffer from eating disorders. You spend more time worrying about your weight than finding a weight loss diet plan that might solve your problem. You are a great hoarder and cling to your past, which makes it difficult for you to give up the rich desserts and creamy cakes your mother, feeds you!

But your greatest strength is your tenacious nature. Once you start a diet and exercise plan you keep going until you reach your goal. You are also patient, well organized and very capable. Vigorous exercise will not only help you lose weight but will also put you in a happier mood! You are not particularly energetic but love anything to do with water, so rowing, sailing, swimming, surfing are all good forms of exercise.

A diet plan that encourages you to eat regular meals and snacks is best. Worry and stress can cause ulcers and other stomach problems so regular eating is important. You are a great cook so choose a diet plan that includes plenty of interesting recipes. Use your extraordinary imagination to visualize how you are going to look and feel when you reach your weight loss goal.

LEO (23 July-22 August)

General: You prefer rich food and drink. However, most of you stay motivated to keep physically fit by joining exercise classes or going to the gym. Becoming an exercise trainer yourself fits you to a tee. Tennis, sports, and dancing are fun for you, too. Avoid calorie-rich fast foods, and include plenty of wholesome foods to your daily diet. You have good recuperative power and vitality. Keep your surroundings harmonious for top results.

Women: You are drawn to fad diets, weight loss gimmicks and promises of fast weight loss. You like everything you do to be exciting and that’s why the newest diet or weight loss program will grab your attention. When it comes to weight loss, your best asset is your enthusiasm and desire to succeed. You have very high standards and need to remember that weight loss is not about being perfect. A diet and exercise plan that gives some freedom is best.

Successful weight loss depends on good organization and planning, which you are excellent at both. You will not only plan your own diet and exercise program you’re your family and friends weight loss programs as well! Your enthusiasm and high standards will not allow you to give up your diet program easily.  But weight loss can be difficult for the over-enthusiastic who may choose a fad diet or a very low calorie diet, which is impossible to stick to. Your have a need for excitement, which can prevent you from choosing a healthy, balanced diet.  A bad day can mean you get very upset when you go off your diet and consume extra calories.

Your desire to lead and take control of your life makes sticking to a diet and exercise plan easy. However you need to choose a weight loss plan that allows you to socialize and entertain. When you can choose a diet plan that suits your lifestyle, when you curb your impatience and over-enthusiasm, then weight loss is not a problem.

Men: You start your weight loss and exercise program with great enthusiasm. However, unless you achieve rapid weight loss you quickly give up. Even an occasional break from your diet plan will upset you. You may choose a very low calorie diet or a fad diet. You stubborn nature and belief that you know best often stops you from taking good advice.  You love to be loved so your desire to look good makes weight loss important to you. You take great pride in everything you do and will pay great attention to the details of you diet plan. Your outlook on life is positive and happy and most diet setbacks are temporary.  Your main problem with exercise is you have a tendency to overdo it. The heart is of special importance to you, so regular aerobic exercise is vital for health as well as weight loss. You enjoy team sports, but only if you are the captain! Tennis, running, martial arts, dancing and diving all appeal to you.

You should eat a low-fat diet plan, which includes lots of vegetables. Although you want to lose weight fast, you should resist the temptation to start fad diets or very low calorie programs.  When you start a diet, don’t try to be perfect. Set yourself realistic goals, allow yourself some bad days, and try to be patient.

VIRGO (23 August-22 September)
General: Use your keen, discriminating senses to have more control. Regular exercise is generally no problem for you, but not chewing your food thoroughly could cause intestinal distress. Fresh garlic, herbs, yogurt, and plenty of fibre helps keep things moving smoothly. Try not to be distracted while you eat. Full-body workouts are best for you. You are known for being the natural healer.

Women: Your desire for perfection makes it difficult for you to stick to a weight loss diet plan. One bad day can put you off! However, your practicality and attention to detail makes successful weight control possible. You have high energy levels so a weight loss program should include a regular exercise routine that will burn calories quickly and reduce fat.  You care about good health and will choose a sensible weight loss diet. Fad diets or celebrity diets are not for you. Your desire to be perfect will ensure relatively fast weight loss and long term weight control.  But, weight loss can be difficult because you are never quite happy with yourself. You expect too much, so unless you lose weight fast and your diet and exercise plan is perfect, you give up. Your desire to lose weight may cause you to cut corners. You may reduce calories too much in order to lose fat fast and end up binge eating because you are so hungry.

When you start a diet and exercise program nothing stops you! Your strength of purpose is a great asset when following a weight loss diet and exercise program. You enjoy helping others and frequently offer diet support, diet tips and diet motivation to your friends and family.  A vegetarian diet suits you. Nuts are a good source of protein but eat all vegetables, particularly root vegetables like carrots and potatoes. Eat lots of fiber in foods like whole meal cereals, bread, brown rice and avoid Processed foods, junk food and too much meat.

Men: Weight loss can be difficult for Mister Perfect! You are extremely critical and no matter how well you stick to your diet and exercise plan, you are never satisfied. You may be tempted to try a fad diet, like High Protein, in your rush to achieve a fast weight loss goal. Weight loss is fast and painless when you allow your positive qualities to emerge. You are practical and pay careful attention to daily routines. You take full responsibility for your health and once you start a diet there is nothing that will distract you.  You are not a natural sportsman, so you need plenty of exercise to help relieve stress. A varied exercise routine will suit you best. If you are young choose fast-moving games like badminton, tennis and squash as you grow older choose walking, jogging, cycling and golf.

You may find a vegetarian diet which suits you best and choose plenty of roughage. Health foods, like wheat germ, bran, and organic fruit and vegetables are particularly suitable. Loosen up! Stop trying to be perfect. Don’t be in too much of a rush to finish your diet. Remember the best diet plan is a diet plan you can stick to for life.

LIBRA (23 September-23 October)

General: You should have a buddy system when undertaking dieting and regular exercise. Your physical constitution goes in cycles from expending lots of energy to being a couch potato. A friend can encourage and motivate you to join a dance class or go hiking or bicycling. Eat a balanced selection of foods that have natural sugars, such as yams, sweet potatoes, bananas, apples, and berries. Include lots of fresh veggies, lean protein, and brown rice for balance.

Women: You hope that if you wait long enough your obesity or high cholesterol problem will go away! You have a slow metabolism and put on weight easily. This, together with your dislike of exercise and your sweet tooth makes weight loss difficult. However, you are very aware of your appearance and appreciate how weight control, diet and exercise help to maintain your good looks. Vanity is your greatest asset when it comes to fat loss! You adapt well to new situations so starting a weight loss plan or a new diet and exercise program will not cause you any problems. You think before you act and will spend time choosing the best diet. High energy levels make exercise a must and you generally excel at fast-moving games. But you have no discipline, which can make sticking to a weight loss diet plan difficult. Your love of lounging and dislike of exercise means your calories convert quickly to fat! You have a slow metabolism which makes exercise an important part of your weight loss program. Fast weight loss is not easy because you love good food and wine and enjoy entertaining.

You may resort to extreme measures to lose weight. You may choose a very low calorie diet or an excessive exercise program but soon quit. Or sometimes you do nothing and hope your fat will go away! A diet that allows a variety of interesting foods will work best.

Men: You do not lose weight easily. You tend to have a slower metabolism and a strong dislike of exercise and discipline. You talk about starting a program, but hope that your fat will disappear by itself! You are intelligent but can be gullible and can be attracted to fad diets and promises of very fast weight loss. You are generally handsome, but fat can ruin your good looks.  Because your appearance is very important to you, and because of your slow metabolism, weight control is a necessary part of your life. Starting a weight loss diet and exercise program with a partner works best for you. Any exercise is better than none but you dislike vigorous, sweaty exercise and are often the classic Couch Potato. Joining a luxury gym where you can also socialise, works well. You can excel at fast moving sports like tennis, squash and badminton.

The best diet for you is a low-fat diet that is high in fiber. It should contain lots of fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth. You should avoid processed foods and foods that are high in refined sugar, like cookies and candy and be sure to drink plenty of water. If you want to keep the ladies as interested in you as you are in them, stop sitting on the fence. Make up your mind to start your diet and exercise plan today.

SCORPIO (24 October-22 November)

General: You have great willpower, you can do anything, including sticking to your diet of choice. Mineral-rich seafood and shellfish are greatly preferred as well as lean meat, asparagus, cauliflower, eggplant, mushrooms, figs, and coconut. Keeping a well-balanced and delicious variety of food on hand contributes to your success. Cultivate your personal desires, and achieving your dieting goals can be yours.

Women: You are able to follow strict diet rules. To lose weight successfully, you must immerse yourself in your diet plan and no half measures will do! Your enthusiasm and organizational skills makes weight loss a certainty. Fast weight loss is easier for you. Once you start, you stick to your diet plan and are determined to succeed. A positive outlook plus an orderly mind can help you overcome all weight loss obstacles. You can make things work even when the going gets tough! But sticking to a weight loss diet plan is difficult, when your negative side of your character is dominant. You resent the restrictions that a weight loss plan places on you and you will not want to count calories or fat. You should avoid very low calorie diets, fad diets and excessive exercise.

A varied diet and exercise plan that allows you to use your mental and physical energy will work best. When you curb your restlessness and settle on a specific diet plan you lose weight fast.

Men: Weight loss can be difficult because you are critical of yourself. You need to understand how losing weight will benefit yourself. You may start a weight loss diet plan if your cholesterol or blood pressure is high. You have difficulty following a diet plan, as you like to do things your own way. Fast weight loss is easy for you. There are no half-measures! You will stick exactly to your diet plan until you reach your goal. You have enormous mental and physical energy, and needs to do regular exercise whether or not you are overweight. As a water sign you enjoy swimming, rowing, diving and scuba diving. Boxing and martial arts are also good calorie burners and appeal to your aggressive side.

A diet high in fiber and plenty of fruit and vegetables is important. Your diet plan should include plenty of strong flavored, spicy foods. You can get so involved in your work you forget to eat. You should include plenty of easy-to-cook meals. Treat your diet like you do your job. Pursue your weight loss program with your abundant energy and enthusiasm, and you are bound to succeed.

SAGITTARIUS (23 November-21 December)

General: Rock climbing, running, bicycling, horse riding, bungee jumping, and sports in general help keep you happy while burning calories. Go easy on fats, gravies, butter, and chocolate, but do include plenty of whole grains and oats. A general high-protein diet keeps those muscles strong.

Women: You need a varied diet plan that gives you freedom. You try to take on too much. Typically, you start a weight loss, exercise program and a new job all at the same time! Weight loss for your hips and thighs is difficult. You do not have the patience to count calories but you want to lose weight fast. Calories from alcohol should be limited for health as well as fat loss. You begin a weight loss diet with enthusiasm. Your optimistic nature means you expect fat loss and weight control to be trouble-free. You adapt well and like to finish what you start. But weight loss is hard for you. Lack of planning and impatience makes sticking to a diet difficult. You are not domesticated so you need a diet plan with simple meals. Weight management is not easy.

If you can curb your need to do things your own way you can have great success! Your best asset is your enthusiasm. Obesity is not generally a problem and fat is mainly stored on your hips and thighs. A sensible and varied weight loss plan is best with plenty of Vitamin C (citrus fruits, kiwi, oranges) tomatoes, leeks, onions, garlic and reasonable amounts of protein. You should avoid highly processed fast food, large quantities of alcohol, sugar, candy and cookies. In general, eat fruit instead of cookies or candy to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Men: Weight loss is difficult because you are impatient and fails to plan your diet adequately. A lack of commitment and a dislike of restrictions make it hard for you to follow a diet and weight loss program. You love food and drink and have a strong indulgent streak, which makes it hard to reduce fat, sugar and alcohol. You are a risk-taker and may take risks with your health.  You regard dieting as a challenge. Boredom is a problem for you so you need to plan a varied exercise routine. You are a natural sportsman and enjoy the social as well as competitive aspects. You are a risk-taker and are attracted to more dangerous pursuits like skydiving, motor racing, mountaineering and para-gliding.

Weight loss is not difficult provided you choose a diet that does not require you to count calories. A diet that allows you to enjoy a variety of interesting foods will work best. You have a tendency to over-indulge in food or drink, causing health problems. Set yourself high goals and progress steadily. Then, not only will you lose weight, but also you will enjoy the challenge!

CAPRICORN (22 December-20 January)
General: Time is on your side, you have a way of getting better with age and maturity. You love a good outdoor hike, running, jogging, cross-country skiing, and types of activities that provide continuity for the long haul. Free-range beef and chicken are your preferences as well as pasta, spinach, raw leaf veggies, and barley soups. Treat yourself to some foot reflexology and regular massage, and you’ll be a happy camper!

Women: You are so single-minded that once you decide to diet you will lose weight fast. A strict diet plan appeals to you, however, if your weight loss plan goes wrong, you blame other people and other things – it is never your fault! You have many strengths, which help you to diet and lose weight like organizational skills, and a desire for routine makes sticking to a diet and exercise program easy. A weight loss diet that is practical, with strict rules, is ideal. But weight loss is difficult for because you do not welcome advice about how to lose weight, diet, exercise or anything else. You believe you know best!

If you use your amazing discipline and focus to stick to your weight loss program you will have success. You welcome restrictions like counting calories, reducing fat, increasing exercise and other changes which help you to lose weight.  Nothing is a problem. Lean meat, bread, potatoes, pasta, corn are great choices.  Plenty of calcium rich foods to protect your weak areas like teeth and bones. You should avoid Cold foods and eat most of your meals at room temperature or hotter

Men: Whether it involves diet, weight loss or any other issue, you believe you know best and regardless of how fast you lose weight you are rarely satisfied with your results.   You are attracted to restricted diets instead of a sensible diet plan that you can follow for life.  You possess good organizational skills that help you to incorporate a weight loss diet plan into your busy life. Routine is important for you when dieting. A practical diet plan with strict rules is ideal.  You often make excellent athletes. You enjoy exercises that require endurance and stamina. Mountaineering and rock climbing are favorites. You enjoy jogging to burn calories, rather than working out in the gym. You are attracted to exercise routines that have social advantages, so joining the golf club or tennis club is perfect.

Avoid fad diets and diets that are low in calories. You are attracted to diets that require super-human willpower but in the long term this will not work. You should choose a diet that fits easily into your daily routine. A low-fat diet that provides plenty of dairy and calcium rich foods is important to protect your weak areas like teeth and bones. Set yourself a realistic weight loss goal and give yourself a reasonable amount of time to achieve it. Successful weight loss is not about being perfect!

AQUARIUS (21 January-19 February)

General: You like to try unusual wellness techniques, such as prana yoga and daily meditation, along with traditional, strenuous types of exercise, such as swimming, running, hiking, and aerobics. It’s important for you to keep your body well oxygenated and the blood circulating. Eat plenty of hot peppers and lots of fresh fruit for radiant skin.

Women: You are drawn to the mysterious. Fad diets, herbal supplements, diet pills and food combining appeal to you. However, your logical mind quickly realizes that a healthy weight loss program is necessary for fat loss and lowering cholesterol. A low-fat diet and regular exercise is essential to avoid circulatory problems. Your optimistic nature makes starting a weight loss program fun. Temptation to go off your diet is not a problem as you are strong and independent. But weight loss can be more difficult for you because you have fixed opinions and losing weight requires change so you should try to be open to new techniques for losing weight. Your unpredictable nature can turn you from the perfect dieter one day to the binge eater the next! A lack of confidence can prevent you from tackling your weight problem.

Once you understand why you should start a diet and exercise program there is no problem. You are inventive and will find ways of making your weight loss program fun. You enjoy individual sports like swimming. You are unlikely to become part of a diet support group, as your privacy is too important.  A low-fat diet is essential for with plenty of fruit, particularly apples and citrus fruit. Dried and frozen fruits are also good. Try to avoid all high fat foods, processed foods, rich sauces and candy.

Men: Weight loss can be difficult for you because you do not like to reveal your feelings. Your first step is to admit that you need to lose weight! Although independent-minded, your calm, logical mind will focus on sorting out the diet and exercise issues. Once you have decided to follow a weight loss program nothing will divert you!  Exercise is particularly important to you as you are drawn to most sports. You often pursue unusual outdoor activities like parachuting, gliding, deep-sea fishing or surfing. For weight control, and good health you should continue to take regular exercise into old age.

Whether you need to lose weight or not, following a low-fat diet is important. You should adopt a healthy-heart diet from an early age. So eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and try to avoid those creamy sauces you love!  Don’t diet unless you really want to! You are extremely successful when you are really involved in what you are doing. See your diet as a challenge and you will live up to your reputation for ‘brilliance’.

PISCES (20 February-20 March)

General: You should surround yourself with positive vibrations for optimum results. For better or worse, you tend to pick up vibes that can affect your overall well-being. You pretty much like all types of foods, sometimes too much so.   Dancing and swimming are two of your favourite stress releasers, as well as other water sports such as sailing. Meditation and yoga are the perfect cup of tea to soothe your highly developed imagination.

Women:  You may decide to go on a weight loss diet, then immediately eat a cream cake! You say one thing one moment, and then do the opposite. You are drawn to fad diets, gimmicks and diet pills. You believe the advertisements that promise ‘lose weight fast without changing your diet’. You should avoid diet pills as you often react badly to drugs.  You are a good organizer and once you decide to start a weight loss diet you plan it well. You enjoy good food so it is important to choose a varied diet with a good choice of healthy foods. You should use your wonderful imagination to visualize how you want to look when you lose weight. But making the decision to go on a weight loss diet is difficult as you are indecisive. Diet support is important, as you are easily influenced and highly emotional. A critical comment can put you off your diet plan and a minor worry can drive you to binge.

The older you get the easier it is to gain weight. You should start a healthy weight loss diet and exercise plan as soon as you start putting on weight in order to prevent obesity in later years. You will lose weight fast if you stop doubting yourself and take action rather than sitting on the fence!

Men: The greatest weight loss problem for you is your emotional involvement. When your diet and exercise program is going well you feel great, but when diet problems occur you becomes depressed. Your lack of routine and lack of discipline makes it difficult to stick to a weight loss program.  You will choose a weight loss diet that gives you flexibility. You are always willing to try new things, including new foods. You listen to advice and gather support from your partner and friends.  You do not like strenuous exercise and team sports are not your thing but you enjoy gentle water sports, non-competitive skiing, snowboarding and skating. Regular, gentle exercise routine suits you best.

A healthy balanced diet is important for you and you have a sensitive system and may suffer from stomach problems. You are extremely versatile and should choose a weight loss diet that encourages you to eat a wide variety of foods from seafood to all organic foods.  If you have a weight problem, get off the fence and do something about it. Don’t wait for someone else to push you!

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