IImprove Your Eyes with Blueberries

Poor eyesight is one of the most common problems for senior citizens today. But recent clinical studies have shown significant benefits from using supplements with blueberries and Lutein. When your eyes have these crucial building blocks, they can stay healthy and you can even better your eyesight!

In Blue Berry there is a multiplied effect of beneficial blueberries with the additional synergetic action of eyebright, grape seed extracts and Lutein. According to clinical studies you should take at least 6 mg. of Lutein per day to support your Macula.
Grape seeds are known to counteract the damaging effects of free radicals, especially in watery environments like your eye. Eyebright benefits the mucous membranes of your eye. Many elderly people have problems with dry eyes and eyebright can help to get a better balance in the mucous membranes and avoid irritation of your eyes. (ingredients)

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