j0256759The following article is a small excerpt from one of my books.  I hope you’ll want to learn more and let me help you to get into the best shape of your life.

Training your chest involves two muscles; Pectoralis Major, which is the largest muscle in your chest and helps to move your upper arm in many different directions like raising it, lowering it and bringing it across your body. Pectoralis Minor, a small muscle which is located on the front of the upper chest and is covered by Pectoralis Major. Pectoralis Minor helps to lower your shoulder and is involved in pushing movements, catching movements and helps to lift objects over your head.

Your chest muscles are involved in most of your upper arm movements. Although these muscles (pecs) are the two major muscles worked when training chest, your shoulders and triceps muscles are also involved in most of the chest exercises.

A common mistake when training your chest is to lift weights heavier than your chest muscles are capable of handling. This is possible by performing the exercises in an incorrect way by cheating, swinging the weight or bouncing it off your chest.

By performing the exercises in this manner other muscles do the work and not your chest. It’s great to be strong, but what is really important is your definition and not how much weight you can lift. Proper technique will not only help build definition, but helps to prevent injury.

When lifting too heavy of a weight, it takes only a millisecond to lose your concentration and tear a muscle or injure a joint. So concentrate on proper form and not becoming a superhuman.

Whether you want to look good or increase your athletic performance it’s important to train your chest properly and from different angles. The book ‘Get Fit Stay Fit’ details some of the most effective chest exercises like bench presses, flyes and pullovers, to help you with your overall development.

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