Pro Wrestler Workout


Eric Young’s unlimited supply of charisma has made him a mainstay inside the hearts of wrestling fans all over the world since his TNA debut in 2004. In April 2014 Young, for the first time, won the World Heavyweight Championship and is a multi-time World Tag Team Champion. He is also hosting the popular “Off the Hook: Extreme Catches” show on Animal Planet.

Eric Young Pro Wrestler Workout

As a pro wrestler and TV personality my schedule is always in flux and I am constantly on the move. This means different schedules different gyms different amounts of time different kinds of equipment. My workouts are constantly changing which I believe is a good and fun way to always be engaged and interested in your workouts and how to have a good workout no matter what kind of schedule you have.   Here is a full body workout that I love to do.

Athletic full body circuit. I call this one Box Jump Maniac!!

As a pro wrestler I have to maintain a high level of cardiovascular conditioning strength and durability all the while keeping my size. I’m about 5’11” and 235lb!   I have maintained a full time wrestling and part time TV schedule for over 10 years and have had no off season!  This workout is important for me to stay toned keep my strength and incorporate athletic movements that challenge me to work on core balance and reflexes.  In this example workout I am using box jumps as my athletic movement but you can switch box jumps for other movements like burpees, Turkish get ups, ball smashes, wind sprints, sled push or any other athletic movement that you like.

So here it is

Set 1 all weighted exercises to be done with moderate to heavy weight and perform 10-12 reps where the last 2 reps should be difficult. Immediately after body part exercise move quickly to athletic move in this example it is box jumps!

10x box jumps (do a challenge height for you depending in your comfort with these)

Chest: dumbbell press

10 box jumps

Arms:  dumbbell curls and overhead dumbbell Tri extensions.

10 box jumps

Back: Lat pull down

10 box jumps

Legs: dumbbell lunges

10 box jumps

Shoulders: lateral raises

Back to start of workout to box jumps and start rotation and exercises in this order for 4 full rotations with no pause or no rest until your last set of box jumps is complete

This is a pretty intense great full body athletic workout that I love doing. It burns a ton of calories and really helps with my conditioning and athletics