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The shoulders are a complicated muscle joint structure, and perhaps the most complicated in the entire body. It is also a very unstable joint and can very easily injured if you do not train it properly.

The shoulder or deltoid is a three-headed muscle that is responsible for lifting your arm up and over your head, and rotating at the shoulder joint. The anterior (front) head of the deltoid lifts your arm to the front, the medial (side) deltoid lifts your arm to the side and the posterior (rear) deltoid lifts your arm to the rear.

If you over develop your front deltoid by doing too many push-ups and bench presses, you may end up with your shoulders rolling forward in a hunch forward look. So it’s important to focus on the entire shoulder muscles and not to develop one more than the other.

Although there are other muscles involved in the shoulder area, these three heads are what you need to concentrate on. Also you have probably heard a lot about your rotator cuff. These are a group of four muscles that help to rotate your arm in various directions and to help stabilize your shoulder. These are the deeper muscles in the shoulder. Strong rotator cuff muscles will help you to throw a ball further, and give you a strong swimming stroke. Weak rotator cuff muscles can lead to shoulder pain and pinching when lifting your arm over your head.

Some of the better shoulder exercises like, presses, lateral, rows and raises are described in more detail in the book ‘Get Fit Stay Fit’. 

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