Top 10 Foods

TOP 10

The following lists of 10 are not necessarily the most nutritional choices, but they are however the most popular.


At Home Dining Out Side Dishes Drinks
1 Ready to eat cereals Eggs  Toast Regular Coffee
2 Toast Toast Banana Orange Juice
3 Eggs Hash Browns Bacon White Milk
4 Hot Cereal Muffins Bread Regular Tea
5 Bagels  Bacon Eggs Apple Juice
6 Bread Breakfast Sandwich Orange Flavored Coffee
7 Bacon Bagels Grapefruit Flavored Tea
8 Waffles Pancake/Waffles RTE Cereals Grapefruit Juice
9 Pancakes Sausages Apple Orange Juice
10 Muffins Donuts Yogurt Fruit Punch


At Home Dining Out Side Dishes Drinks
1 Soup  French Fries  Bread White Milk
2 Ham Sandwich Burger  Soup Regular Tea
3 Hot Dogs  Salads Toast Regular Coffee
4 Cheese Sandwich Deli Sandwich Carrots Regular Cola
5 Luncheon Sandwich Soup Leaf Salad  Orange Juice
6 Pizza Pizza Tomatoes Apple Juice
7 Eggs   Rolls Rice Dishes Flavored Tea
8 Burgers Pasta French Fries Powdered Drink
9 Macaroni and cheese Submarine Sandwich  Cucumbers Diet Cola
10 Chicken Sandwich Chicken Sandwich Boiled Potatoes Iced Tea


At Home Dining Out Side Dishes Drinks
1 Spaghetti French Fries Leaf Salad White Milk
2 Soup  Pizza Bread Tea
3 Pizza Salads Rice Dishes Coffee
4 Baked Chicken Burgers Carrots Regular Cola
5 Beef Steak Rolls Corn Orange Juice
6 Ground Beef Dishes Soup  French Fries Diet Cola
7 Rice Dishes Pasta Boiled Potatoes Iced Tea
8 Burgers Chicken Beans Ginger Ales
9 Pork Chops Deli Sandwiches Peas Apple Juice
10 Sausages Chicken Wings Mashed Potatoes Powdered Drinks


At Home Away from Home Carried from Home
1 Cookies Cake Apple
2 Potato Chips Cookies Cookies
3 Apple Ice Cream Ham Sandwich
4 Popcorn Donuts Banana
5 Bananas Pies Lunchmeat Sandwich
6 Ice Cream Bread Orange
7 Orange Muffins Yogurt
8 Cake Potato Chips Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich
9 Bread French Fries Granola Bar
10 RTE Cereals Soup Carrots


1 Pizza Vegetables
2 Chicken Spices/Seasoning
3 French Fries Cheeses
4 Bread Flour
5 Burgers Eggs
6 Chop Suey Sugar
7 Donuts Whole Milk
8 Rice Margarine
9 Cole Slaw Fruit
10 Potato Salad Ground Beef

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