Toxic Hunger

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Toxic Hunger. . . is at the foundation of food addiction and the major cause of obesity

Most people will never experience the feeling of hunger. In fact, most desire to avoid it. Feeling hungry is actually a guide to ingesting the amount of calories you require for health and maintaining your ideal weight. When you eat out of true hunger, food tastes much better and you are physiologically primed for proper digestion. Hunger, in the true sense of the word, indicates to you that it is time to eat again.

Real hunger is not often experienced in our modern, overfed population. Most people no longer even remember or are aware what hunger even feels like. Most are surprised to find that true hunger is felt in the throat and not in the head or stomach.

Instead of true hunger, people are experiencing detoxification or withdrawal symptoms that they mistake for hunger. They feel shaky, head achy, weak, get abdominal cramps or spasms, which they believe to be hunger because they are relieved by eating. This is” toxic hunger.” Toxic hunger is symptoms a person experiences that are due to toxic wastes being mobilized for elimination. It occurs after a meal is digested and the digestive track is empty, and it could make you  feel very uncomfortable.

Generally, you eat to get rid of these withdrawal symptoms and it works. In fact, this is one of the most important contributors to our population’s overweight condition. You eat the wrong foods, and just a few hours later you feel ill, stressed out, shaky, weak, mentally dull, and you are driven to eat again to relieve the discomfort. Did you ever hear someone say they need to eat because they felt so shaky? The question is, are these symptoms true hunger, hypoglycemia, or something else? These symptoms occur simultaneous to your blood sugar decreasing but they are not caused by” hypoglycemia.” They result from tissue sensitivity to mobilization of waste products which occurs when most active digestion is finished.

You do not want to go hungry and deny yourself food to achieve an ideal weight. There is a better answer. When you eat a nutrient‐dense diet, rich with lots of colorful vegetables, you will meet your nutrient needs, and this will reduce and eliminate uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. High nutrient eating enables you  to deal with all types of stress, but in this case, eating more high‐nutrient foods will enable you to avoid stress hunger and eliminate cravings and the drive to overeat.

When your diet is low in nutrients, you build up intra-cellular waste products. So when digestion stops, your body goes through a period of cleaning, meaning that your tissues release toxic substances into circulation for removal. Your cells can harbor toxic products that build up in your body when your diet is relatively nutrient poor. Phytonutrients are required for your body to properly detoxify metabolic waste products. When you don’t eat sufficient phytochemical rich vegetation and consume excess animal proteins (creating excess nitrogenous wastes), you exacerbate the build up of metabolic waste products in your bodies. You get confused because when you eat the same heavy foods that are causing the problem to begin with, you feel better. This makes becoming overweight inevitable.

If you stop digesting food, even for a short time, your body will begin to experience symptoms of detoxification or withdrawal from your unhealthful diet. To counter this you eat heavy meals, eat too often and keep your digestive track overfed to lessen the discomfort from your stressful diet . When your body has acclimated to noxious agents it is called addiction. Try to stop taking the heroin and you will feel ill. In fact, you must have it, or you will become terribly sick this is called withdrawal. When you stop doing something harmful to yourselves you feel ill as your body mobilizes cellular wastes and attempts to repair the damage caused by the exposure.

If you habitually drink three cups of coffee or caffeinated soda a day, you will get a withdrawal headache when your caffeine level dips too low. Taking in more caffeine or food could make you feel better by retarding the detoxification or withdrawal symptoms.

Likewise, a few hours after eating the standard low nutrient diet, most people begin to feel hungry. They feel weak, headachy, tired, mentally dull, and have stomach spasms. This is stress or toxic hunger because these symptoms only occur in those who have been eating a toxic diet. True hunger would not have occurred so early after a meal. True hunger signals occur when your body needs  calories to maintain your lean body mass. No one would become overweight if they ate food demanded by true hunger and true hunger only. But in your present toxic food environment, you have lost the ability to connect with your  body signals that tell you how much food you actually need. You have become slaves to withdrawal symptoms and eat all day long, even when there is no biological need for calories.  This cycle of eating, and then avoiding the symptoms of detoxification by eating again, does not have to continue. There is a way out. When you restore the nutritional integrity and relative cleanliness to your tissues, you simply will not have the desire to eat to get rid of the toxin induced symptoms.

In an environment of healthy food choices, you would not feel any symptoms after a meal until hormonal and neurological messengers indicated glycogen reserves in your liver were running low. Your body possess a beautifully orchestrated ability to give you precise signals which tell you exactly how much to eat to maintain an ideal weight for your long term health. These signals are called true hunger to differentiate them from the toxic hunger everyone else calls hunger. Feeding yourselves to satisfy true hunger does not cause weight gain, and if people were better connected with these normal signals it would be almost impossible for anyone to become overweight. True hunger is felt in the throat, neck and mouth, not in your stomach or head. It is a drawing sensation. It is not very uncomfortable to feel real hunger, it makes food taste much better when you eat, and it makes eating an intense pleasure. True hunger requires no special food to satisfy it. It is relieved by eating almost anything. You can’t crave some particular food and call it hunger. A craving by definition is an addictive drive, not something felt by a person who is not an addict.

In order to achieve an ideal weight and consume the exact amount of calories to maintain a lean body mass you do not have to carry around a calculator and a scale to figure out how much to eat. A healthy body will give you the correct signals. So in order to achieve superior health, maximize your longevity potential, and achieve your ideal weight, you have to eat well enough to get back in touch with true hunger and rid yourselves of this stress hunger.

Every cell is like a little factory.  It makes products, produces waste and then must compact, detoxify and remove waste. If you don’t get sufficient antioxidants and phytonutrients from your diet, your cells are unable to effectively remove the waste. If you let waste build up, your body will attempt to get rid of the waist when it can but it can only do that effectively if you are not  eating. Eating makes you feel better because it halts or delays this detoxification process.

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You must prioritize your food intake around nutrient dense, high fiber, high water content food, which means fruits, vegetables and beans. This is all about knowledge, not will power. With the right knowledge, you can get more pleasure from eating, avoid restrictive diets, and protect your health.

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