Success Stories Lena (pictured centre)

Super Bowl GirlsHi, I’m Lena, owner of Platinum Promotions. I used to think I had to hurt to receive the fitness benefits I wanted to achieve, but at Global Health and Fitness, they’ve shown me a better and safer way to accomplish all my fitness goals.

David’s book “Get Fit, Stay Fit” has allowed me to be myself while still accomplishing the goals I set out for myself. When the other girls at Platinum Promotions started to notice the ‘new’ me, they also became converts to the Global Health and Fitness philosophy….and follow the “Get Fit…Stay Fit”approach to total health.

Now we’ve all had Personal trainers at some time with varying degrees of success, but one thing we can all agree on is that Global Health and Fitness and David’s book “Get Fit, Stay Fit” gets the Platinum award on Fitness.