Success Stories Tanya

tanyaFor me at the age of 23 fitness is a daily release composed of varied exercise, it is not a routine. Whether it’s running outside, walking backwards on a treadmill with an incline, boxing, skipping or on my feet all day selling homes, fitness has played a large role in my life since I was about 17.

In a small town people stared as I would weight train because I was a singular female most of the time in the gym. Now women’s fitness has kicked it up a notch in the last 7-10 years. Fitness has been a humbling experience for me and has tested my limits in life and in business.

I had the honor of competing in Miss Galaxy in Texas and Florida this year, WOW! What a testament to women’s fitness. The finest tuned and toned women in the world were there and what a humbling experience. In this body image flared age, complacency is an excuse for most when it comes to the fitness genre.

Fitness is for any age, young and old and let me tell you the women over 35 looked better than many of the women at 23. Never give up and always strive for excellence and you will be left with a body and mind that will take you to the end of any finish line!

If you need help in accomplishing your goals, Global health and Fitness will be there for you along the way, and David’s book ‘Get Fit Stay Fit’ will help you to become the best you can be.