Success Stories Lisa Christie

mrs.usa LISAPIC22Lisa was Mrs. America 1997-1998. She is also a former pro-cheerleader, a professional model/actor and TV host, but most important a mother of three. She is also an amazing example that even after three kids you can get your body back in great shape. She is a certified aerobics and Pilates instructor and as a TV host for almost 20 years, has been a guest, or feature on many national TV shows.

I have been dancing since the age of four, from tap, jazz, hip-hop, to modern dance and ballet and am currently taking lessons in ballet to further my training.  Fitness is a way of life for life and the Global Health and Fitnessapproach to fitness is one that just makes sense.  In an ever changing world its nice to know that David Gebe and Global Health and Fitness is there to help with his great articles and health and fitness products.  His energy has inspired me to create my own line of all natural skin care products and I hope you’ll check out my B-Harmony line on my website