Success Stories – Tania

taniaHi…My name is Tania and I just wanted to tell you that I have tried just about every program, gadget and fast fix product on the market and that’s just what they were, gadgets and temporary solutions.

When I got introduced to David’s book, it was like a light went off. It made so much sense. I didn’t need temporary fast fixes, what I needed was a way to adjust my lifestyle and in return stay in shape. David’s approach has allowed me to do this but I had to be prepared to want to change my lifestyle and not to rely on gimmicky diets and potions.

David’s book showed me the simple things I could do and gradually changed my way of thinking. He taught me just what to do and why I should do it. He taught me a balance between exercise and nutrition. It’s really a refreshing approach that has given me the positive results that I’ve always tried to achieve.

As a promotional model you can understand how important it is for me to always look and feel my best at all times and with the help of David and his great book, I’ve been able to accomplish this.

Tania Lamanna – Miss Hawaiian Tropic 1997