Emery Finger and Toenail Tonic

emery james horvathEmery James Horvath was born in Eastern Europe. As a child, James was always interested in figuring out how things worked – whether it was taking a toy apart and putting it back together again, or helping his mom in the garden and watching a seed grow into their summer harvest.  This innate curiosity stayed with James as he grew up and he became a world-renowned clockmaker.  He also pursued his hobby of horticulture and was especially interested in tweaking the natural home remedies that had been passed down through the generations of his family. It wasn’t until years later that James perfected a natural product to combat toenail fungus and since its introduction, Emery Finger and Toenail Tonic has helped tens of thousands of people get rid of this awful problem.

Why give Emery Finger and Toenail Tonic a try?

First of all – it’s natural, 100% effective with no side effects and FDA approved!!   Common prescription remedies such as Jublia and Lamisil are NOT natural and can have scary side effects such as loss of taste, weight gain and depression.

Secondly, Emery Finger and Toenail Tonic is economical at $40 per treatment while Jublia and Lamisil can cost into the thousands of dollars for a full course of treatment.

If you are looking for a new approach to nail health, give Emery Finger and Toenail Tonic a try – you won’t be disappointed.