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First of all I’d like to tell you how much I appreciate and enjoyed David’s books ‘Get Fit, Stay Fit’ and ‘The Best You can be’ Before I was serious about bodybuilding, I spent a lot of time reading books and articles, looking for information on fitness and nutrition. Then I came across David’s book. Right then I knew one day I would be a champion, because I found the one-stop, information resource that I was looking for.

David’s books ‘Get Fit, Stay Fit’ and ‘The Best You can be’ have an approach that is simply awesome. He takes all the guesswork out of training. I have had great success, avoiding the plateaus, staying motivated and actually making the improvements that I work so hard to achieve, and it feels great knowing all my hard work is now paying off.

As a personal trainer and champion bodybuilder, ‘Get Fit, Stay Fit’ and ‘The Best You can be’ are the only manuals you will ever need.

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As an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, I’ve put a lot of time and energy into creating my success, and I must tell you that David’s book ‘Get Fit Say Fit’ is for winners.

His Philosophy on nutrition and weight management is fantastic and definitely manageable.  The Idea of not dieting, but making lifestyle changes is very refreshing.  He actually teaches you the amount of calories, fat, carbs, and proteins that are right for you.

I’ve checked out many fitness books in stores and online, and there is nothing that comes close to David’s book.   You have probably heard this before, but I will say it again ‘Get Fit Stay Fit’ is the best money you will ever spend and the best part of it all is that it will help you to become the best you can be.

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JAN1 JAN2Becoming a Champion takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and it’s not easy. But with the help and guidance of David’s book ‘Get Fit Stay Fit‘ it makes weight management almost a science. His book gives you the knowledge and a solid base for which you can grow. Once you understand how your body works, and what it needs, it then becomes easy to shape your body into the image you desire.

The Principles behind ‘Get Fit Stay Fit’ helped and worked for me, and I know they can work for you.

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beforeThere are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done. This is the way I felt, a little over a year ago and as a single working mom, by the time I did get everything done, it was time to collapse on the sofa and just veg. Because of this hectic lifestyle I began to gain weight and before I knew it I found myself in a vicious circle. I always knew or felt I could lose the weight I was gaining whenever I wanted to, but I didn’t have the time to go to the gym and workout for hours and I wasn’t prepared to give up my true love...’CHIPS AND DIP.’

Then one day when I was out for lunch with an old girlfriend, i saw how great she looked. I asked her what her secret was and she told me she had gotten a personal trainer and began to learn about health and fitness. She suggested (in a nice way) that I should do the same. I said that I didn’t have the time or the money to hire a personal trainer. She reached into her purse and handed me David’s book ‘Get Fit Stay Fit’and told me here was her personal trainer and that I should read the book.

David’s plan made a lot a sense. Now I still didn’t have a lot of time but his approach doesn’t take alot of time. It’s just knowing afterwhat you are doing and why. By making simple and easy lifestyle changes you can accomplish your end goal.

I got to tell you, it didn’t happen overnight and now I feel I’m in the best shape of my life…..and I can still eat my Chips and Dip.

If it can work for me I know it can work for you. With the new me, I feel I’ve got a lot more energy to take on whatever comes my way.

Today whenever anyone asks me what my secret is…I simply tell them to check out David’s book ‘Get Fit Stay Fit.’It’s the best advice I have ever gotten and could ever give.

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brookeI’ve always had an active lifestyle from dance classes to being chased by my two brothers. One of the things that has always worried me was if I would be able to stay fit as I grew older. Would I gain weight? Would I still be active? What would I do and How would I handle it?

All of my concerns where put to rest when I read David’s book‘Get Fit Stay Fit’. They should really teach David’s approach in school. We know more about geography and history then we do about our own bodies. If we don’t take care of ourselves, who will?

David shows you how to make the changes that will best help you. Putting you in charge of you.

Now as a working mom and Professional Football Cheerleader, I feel I am in better shape today then I was when I was a teenager. And it was all me!!! (With the help and guidance of David’s book, Get Fit Stay Fit)

There’s nothing more frustrating then giving your all to get in shape and seeing no results. If you honestly take the time to get to know your body and take responsibility for yourself, then David’s book will work for you, just as it has for me.

Success Stories – Tania

taniaHi…My name is Tania and I just wanted to tell you that I have tried just about every program, gadget and fast fix product on the market and that’s just what they were, gadgets and temporary solutions.

When I got introduced to David’s book, it was like a light went off. It made so much sense. I didn’t need temporary fast fixes, what I needed was a way to adjust my lifestyle and in return stay in shape. David’s approach has allowed me to do this but I had to be prepared to want to change my lifestyle and not to rely on gimmicky diets and potions.

David’s book showed me the simple things I could do and gradually changed my way of thinking. He taught me just what to do and why I should do it. He taught me a balance between exercise and nutrition. It’s really a refreshing approach that has given me the positive results that I’ve always tried to achieve.

As a promotional model you can understand how important it is for me to always look and feel my best at all times and with the help of David and his great book, I’ve been able to accomplish this.

Tania Lamanna – Miss Hawaiian Tropic 1997